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We transfer your Video Tapes, Films & other media to DVD or Digital File

Preserve your precious memories

Based in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, Relife Image Transfer are your media transfer specialists.

We can transfer all of your old outdated media like video tapes, films, slides, photos and pretty much any other media onto DVD, USB thumb drive or create digital files that you can download over the Internet.

For over 15 years now, Melbourne families have been relying on Relife Image Transfer to securely transfer their precious family memories from older outdated media so they can be preserved permanently and experienced over and over.

The Problem . . Video Tapes & Films Deteriorate Over Time!

Old media like video tapes and films have a limited lifespan. The images on video tapes steadily deteriorate and can become completely unwatchable in as little as 10 years after they are made – even if they are stored correctly.

Sadly many people find out the hard way when they go to watch an old family movie of a wedding, holiday or other special event and find the image is severely degraded or completely gone as the magnetic particles on the tape lose their charge over time.

Films also suffer from mould and other forms of degradation that can make them unwatchable over time.

Add to that the fact that most people these days don’t even have the video tape players, cameras or projectors that they need to play the old films and you can see how family memories can be lost forever.

The Solution?

Send us your old tapes, films and other media and we will copy it to digital format and supply it back to you either on DVD, USB thumb drive or send you the files over the Internet.

How to order

DISCLAIMER – We have a number of techniques to improve the result we get when transferring your tapes, films and other media to new digital files, however once media is degraded there is little we can do to restore it. The sooner you make the decision to transfer your old media, the better the result we will be able to achieve.

What media can we transfer?

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